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Graphic Sales Products is an industry leader in providing custom packaging solutions to fit your unique sales and marketing needs.

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Solution for Your Business

Your potential is unlimited. The vast range of serivce, manufacturing techniques, and materials is superior.

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Diverse Portfolio

Please view our portfolio to view the great variety and diversity of products we are able to work with.

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Established and Reliable

Since 1987, Graphic Sales Products has been providing high quality, contemporary packaging solutions.

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High Impact

A high impact and colorful package can sell ideas. Stand out from your competition with a package that presents itself. Provide your customers with a convenient, unique, long lasting package that sells.

Computer Aided Design

Computer Aided Design (CAD) is one way to accuractely and efficiently engineer your three dimensional products. This is how ideas become packaging solutions! It starts with a dimensional drawing. From there, the sky is the limit. We can change it, alter it, or modify it to create the perfect product.


Prototypes are an integral part of the whole process. We consxtruct all prototypes out of the actual production materials, leaving nothing to chance. The final step in the quality control process is to mount a proof to the job stock, cut it on the plotter, and assemble it. This procedure allows you to see your product in 3-dimensional form and it assures customer satisfaction.